Kargoth: The Darkness Below, The Guardian of the Inevitable, The Shroud at the Edge of Perception, Fear of the Unknown, The Whispers in the Void

Played By: Warmatt

Rank Lesser Architect

Domains and Portfolios: Darkness (The Unknown), Death (Inevitability), Fear (Terror), Madness (Sha), Pride (Arrogance)

Alignment: True Neutral

The Shadow of the VoidEdit

Kargoth was always, though not as it is now. Once, Kargoth was the void, having no Identity, no Shape, No Location, no Communication. Kargoth simply Existed. It would be impossible to tell what Kargoth made of this state, before the universe was granted definition, and Kargoth an Identity.

Still, Kargoth has been busy, though his exact thoughts and motivations are unclear at this point in time, as he hides in a veil of secrecy, only acting through the use of proxies and it's own creations, though they are more extensions of it's will, independent avatars if you will, with none of it's minion's cultists knowing of it's existence, as it intends.

Kargoth has no planet to call it's own, though the steady beating Heart of Y'Shaarj may in time grow to great enough size to be considered one, though at the moment it exists mostly as a dark energy and dark matter construct floating in the void, moving as Kargoth wills it.



The Prime Sha; The most well known Sha are the Prime Sha, creatures of incredible power, and possessed of a dark intellect and will that feed by fostering negative emotions in mortal creatures, emerging themselves from slumber only rarely, instead whispering in their dreams, corrupting others and acting through proxies and agents, much as their creator does.

Still, their actions often appear to be contradictory, or at the least not entirely consistent, as their minds in now way work as more mundane ones do, sharing some of their creators problems with the concepts of shape, location and time, even if they understand such concepts more easily then Kargoth does.

The only known Sha to date are Fear and Pride, with Fear infecting more then one world.

The Shadows, Echoes and Reflections; The Lesser Sha, these creatures are bestial and instinctive, though no less dangerous for that. Feeding and being empowered off the emotions they are linked too, they more often then not act either randomly, or at the direction of the parent Prime Sha, or of a mortal who summoned and controlled them with Sha Sorcery.

Mesa Filik/Diablo; Born a Kullite, he founded and led the first cult to the Sha of Fear, using his position to gather followers and power to himself, even as the Sha took notice, and blessed him and those worshipping it, driving him on to greater acts of violence and terrorism, until at last, he set a number of charges, and set Megacell aflame.

It was at that moment that The Sha of Fear took him fully into it's embrace, and remade him, replacing much of his weak mortal flesh, already growing old, with the same solid energy the Sha and their servants were made of, while allowing him to keep his mind, allowing the Kul Fear a more capable agent to carry out it's plans.

Still, the newly reborn Diablo, Lord of Terror, arranged an end to the civil war, by saving the life of the future Empress, Matriarch Alina. Still, rewarded for his 'loyalty' and 'services to the crown' by becoming the Prime Minister and a land owning noble, he is in place to help shape Kullite policy, and secretly protect the Sha Cults.