What would your mother say?

Intermediate Architect


Spiders (Off-spring), Broods (Matriarchy), Acceptance (Sacrifice), Reptiles (Saurians), Nature (Death), Motherhood (Security)

Alignment: Lawful Good


Saahngra'ath is the All-Queen, the All-Scaled Queen, the Primordial Predator, the Architect of Death, of Predator and Prey. She is also the Mother, the Mother who provides for her family. Before she was just the Spider Queen, also called the All-Queen, or All-Mother, but now there is more to her than just being the Mother of the Arachnoid race. The massive black widows, beginning as the size of large dogs, ending to be massive widows that could devour cities of many scores of thousands of inhabitants. She fed her children meat. Meat was mostly what the little darlings could eat. Other prehistoric bugs, lizards, and dinosaurs. One of her children attempted to use a magic artifact to create a race of his own to make them their King, Saahngra'ath finished the job that he failed, but praised him for his creativity as an engineer. She created the Saurians, and thus became the Architect of the massive lizards known as dinosaurs. She had also gave to the Saurians the magical art of Sacrifice, thus growing in power as the Architect of Acceptance. She has almost no contact with other Architects, but that will soon change. She has only been sheltering her children from the rest of the universe for now. Their time of child hood is fading away. They will always be her children, but the time may come for them to seek their own home.

She is an ironic case of a good individual who's work is in ugly things. In a way she is Huntress and Undertaker, The only reason why mortals that aren't her children believe she is evil is because of the primitive state of the Saurians, who, although Industrialized just recently, still have cultures based on magical sacrifice, not knowing that the All-Queen dislikes it. She nonetheless rewards those who use her given powers as a gift out of acceptance that they are her children. Saurians live in peace with the Arachnoids, sapient spiders that nonetheless might mistake a Humanoid creature as food. Saahngra'ath is the Architect of the natural cycle of predator and prey, the acceptance of sacrifice, arachnid creatures, especially their off-spring, but furthermore all forms of matriarchy are ascribed to her as the All-Queen, and thus she is the Architect of the Saurian race, a savage but growing people coming into their own cultures.

With all that said she is a growing personality escaping ignorance she was once locked in for millenia with no contact with other species. Only her children, arachnoid children who could speak with her, and her mystical ability to perpetually bear children with no father. Saurian religion venerates Takuroth, the first Prophet, as the "Big Brother", of the Saurian Race, while Saahngra'ath is still known as the All-Mother. There is still the unfortunate problem of the All-Queen's non-existence as a neighbor to many Architects. If she lingers too long without their company, she might regress into inviting her neighbors to be dinner, instead of inviting them to dinner.

What sets her apart from evil Architects is that she relishes in providing for children. Eventually her provision may spread to all children everywhere and not just spiders and lizards. She is the force of motherly love towards their children, and that includes a mother dying for their children so that they could live. The All-Queen is not evil, she is a benevolent Architect, with all too bizarrely alien mentalities that Humans find hard to understand, but she hates senseless destruction when she can see it carried out, and would atone for her bouts of madness should she learn of it.