The Periphery Stars Edit

A network of stars floating within the void; distant, widely distributed and unbound by any conventional galactic orbit, the Periphery Stars burn in a thousand different shades, from deep red to pale blue, with no clear visual identifier of their status. Each star however forms a node in a complex transceiver system, with energy and waveforms being transmittable from one to any other, an echo that is not covered by the conventional laws of physics. This network is what holds them together, non-physical particles tying the stars into a mesh across the cosmos, each one's position a universal constant. Lifeforms could use this dataweb to transmit information across the universe instantaneously, and might even in theory utilize the network to achieve a relatively simple form of FTL travel, although they will be limited to travel between the Periphery Stars. Kuroko, through Mitsukaba, has ultimate control of all traffic between her creations, and once per rollover can use it to transfer any amount of matter from one location to another, across the universe, so long as both locations are within the orbit of a Periphery Star